Backline rental

We can suply backline equipment for your tour. Both new and vintage stuff. Backline can be picked up at our warehouse in Prague or delivered on request Europe/ UK wide. We can offer from easy budget gear to fancy vintage stuff. Contact us with your request. Here is the list of most often required stuff.


Kits: Tama, Gretsch, C&C, Ludwig, Pearl
hardware: Tama, Gibraltar
snare: Tama, Gretsch, Ludwig, Tama, C&C, Pearl, Yamaha
cymbals: Meinl, Sabian, Zildjian, Paiste
kick pedals: Yamaha, Tama, DW

percussions: Latin Percussion congas, bongas, timbales, cajons, darabuka, tamburines, cowbells etc


apms/heads: Marshall jcm 900, Matrshall jcm 800, Marshall jcm 2000 DSL & TSL, Marshall jmp, Marshall mosfet, Hiwatt higain, Mesa dual rectifier, Peavey 6505, Peavey 5150, Orange dual terror, Orange rockerverb, Orange OR120, ...
cabinets: Marshall 1960 A,B, Orange 412, Peavey 5150, Mesa rectifier oversized cabinets
amps/combos: Fender twin reverb, Fender hotrod deluxe, Fender hotrod deville, Fender deluxe reverb, Fender Blues JR, Fender vibrolux reverb, Fender '59 bassman, Vox AC30, Vox AC15, Orange AD30, Roland jc120


amps/heads: Ampeg svt classic, Ampeg svt vr, Ampeg svt 450, Ampeg svt3, Gallien Krueger RB series models, Orange AD200, Fender bassman, Hartke HA models,...
cabinets: Ampeg 810, Ampeg 410HE, Ampeg 410HLF, Ampeg 115, Ampeg 610HLF


amps/combos: Roland KC, Fender, ...
keyboards: Clavia nord electro 3 & 6, Nord Stage 2, Yamaha Motif, Korg Triton, Hammond XK3 & XLK3, Roland Juno 106, Kurzweil , Wurlitzer, Moog, Korg, Farfisa, Midi conrollers 41 / 61 / 88 ...


stands: guitar stands, guitar boats, keyboard stands, percussion stands, music stands,...
converters: power converters 220V to 110V (several wattage from 300W to 1500W)

UK plugs, stage fans, ....